Why choose THE PROVENCE for your settling in PROVENCE ?

Our partnership with ITER

Selected in 2012 to support the subcontractor employees of ITER…..THE PROVENCE intervenes in the CADARACHE area around the site and its surrounding counties : Manosque, Vinon sur Verdon, Pertuis, Venelles.

Genuine specialist in the search of lodgings in Aix en Provence

Genuine specialist of the Aix region, our team advises you according to your work situation, the traffic on the roads and the size of the lodging you are looking for.
You don’t know the region ? We will tell you about it.

Our expertise in the international high schools based in Aix en Provence and Luynes

Some of our collaborators/team are specialized in the search of lodgings near these highschools (Aix en Provence’s area).
You will be working in Marignane, Marseille, or Les Milles and your child will have to go to Luynes’ international school, whatever, we will find the best area where to live and the most convenient for your family and yourself.

Our expertise around the Etang de Berre and EUROCOPTER’s site

For all people who will have to work around the Etang de Berre (Marignane, Salon de Provence, Fos/Mer, Martigues , Berre l’Etang etc …) , our team will help you to choose your lodging according to the public transports.