Who are we ?

Our team

Our company’s spirit is based on the well-being of our clients and employees but also on the communication between them.

Our values lay on a team spirit, the respect of human values and the will to please our client.

Flexibility and adaptability are its main qualities.

We are a reasonable size company, based in Aix en Provence.

Our priorities : welcoming people and the Provence region

Our pluricultural team and expert in the Provence region are ready to support any foreign person settling here. Willing to share our love for the area, we are without ignoring the difficulty of moving to a country not knowing its language and culture.

  • We act as a link between the clients and the local environment (estate agencies, owners, administration offices,…)
  • We help the clients to settling in in the best conditions, giving them as many key informations as possible reducing the stress due to their arrival in this new region,
  • We allow them, this way, to find new marks and become rapidly operational



Reactivity :
As soon as the mission’s request as been made, we get in touch with the client within 48 hours, knowing how stressful this situation can be.

Flexibility :
The consultants know how to absorb the client’s culture, and thanks to the size of THE PROVENCE, they can adapt to the clients ‘expectations rather than the other way round.

Disponibility :
Our consultants try to adapt to the client’s schedule as much as possible.

Methodology :
Our internal organization is rational, and procedures have been established so that our interventions are more efficient. We can also adapt to the client’s way of working (process, document reporting).

Professionnalism :
Our professionalism lies on our deep knowledge of our work and its implications.
We are totally independent of the estate agencies and the owners of the lodgings we are in touch with.