Helping with the settling in


Bringing the lodging into service 

Our relocation mission consists also in making the settling in easier :

  • Insure the lodging : the day of the lease’s signature, the employee will have to produce an insurance certificate of the lodging
  • Putting the gas, electricity and water meters into service
  • Telephone/Internet/television
  • Cable

Settling in and Equiping

  • How to organize the delivery of your possessions ?
  • Having a complete refreshing before moving in ?
  • Buying furniture ?
  • Having a new kitchen put in ?

According to your request, we can decide on the equipment you need in a short time. Our knowledge of the area and the best point of sales for any budgets will avoid you wasting time and money.

Looking for domestic staff

  • You need domestic staff ?
  • You need a baby-sitter for after schooltime ?
  • You need a bilingual nursery ?

French lessons

We organize French lessons taught by FLE( French foreign language) qualified teachers in the form of every day life situations. We propose personalized or group trainings.