Searching for a lodging

Recherche de Logement avec The Provence

Searching for accommodations

In the main mission of searching for accommodations, the principal objectives are :

  • advising on the choice and the means of settling in the region, right from the start, thanks to the client’s useful information,
  • finding an adapted lodging and approved of by the client,
  • helping the client when signing the lease documents,
  • informing the client on the paiments’ modalities,
  • at the end of the mission, leaving the client with all the necessary details to run his lodging and its meters (information and payment recapitulation).

The service is accomplished with a result obligation and in a delay determined in advance with the client.


Visiting day

For the families who don’t know the region in which they are relocated, we organize a visiting day.
The objective is to get the families to know the different areas and to give them an answer to their questions : whereabouts the towns, quarters, recent and old buildings and their difference in prices, etc…



The Mobili-Pass is a subsidy given to the employees of companies of at least 10 people, mainly belonging to the private sector rather than the agricultural one and adhering to the 1% lodging programme for the search and settling assistance expenses.

THE PROVENCE applies to the authorities for your Mobili-Pass and sees to all the global facets of the transfer, so that they are totally taken in charge.

Beneficiary :
Any employee under a short term or indefinite period contract whose company adheres to the 1% lodging programme (companies of more than 10 employees in the non agricultural private sector).

Conditions :

  1. The same household can only apply once in 2 years
  2. Your new home must be at least 70 kilometers away. (link – how to calculate the distance)
  3. You must have signed a lease contract
  4. You must apply during the first 6 months following your arrival
  5. Your incomes must be inferior to the PLI (link  for information on the PLI)

It allows you to cover your fees connected with your search of an accommodation when arriving in the area, under the conditions a Relocation agency helps you in the task. It comes in the form of  a subsidy (given freely and non reimboursable) and can be completed with a loan.